Assassination (2015) Movie Review

By jediprincess♡♡♡

Maybe because I like history that’s why I have patience with period and war films.  Plus the fact that the plot covered espionage and and it was top billed by acclaimed South Korean actors, those are enough reasons why I enjoyed the swift moving and easy to  follow historical movie based on the happenings of Korean  Independent movement in the Japanese occupation period.

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The story and screenplay were not complicatedly conceived which is good because the film was mostly filled with gun fights and action scenes.  But even with the brawling binge, the conversations of the cast flowed naturally in the story explaining what was happening and where it was going.  That’s what I first notice, the narration was neat and straight to the point without diminishing the thrill of the plot. 

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If I am a guy Ji Hyun unni will be my first love. *chuckles  Through the years I love how she experimented on the roles she took in the big screen including her role in this film.  I think being powered by an amazing cast, the storytelling was achieved quaintly because of the commitment of the actors to their roles.  Lee Jung Jae was cold blooded and annoying as a villain but you can also understood his sentiments as a double faced freedom fighter who just wanted to survive in those trying times. Ji Hyun unni looked like a professional sniper not budging whenever she shot those bullets but was also vulnerable in scenes that tested her faith to the cause she was fighting for.  Ha Jung Woo was as always cool and collected and slipped  in to his character perfectly.

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The conclusion was half-sad and half-resolved as the conflict culminated to the freedom army completing their task although losing the hired assassins who helped out in the spur of the moment for that cause.  It’s not typical to get happy  endings with all your main characters intact on the closing curtains in action films, but at least the closure satisfied the decently written story.

A perfect Saturday movie if you are into thriller action and spy film.  Definitely worth the hype and will not disappoint you.  -jediprincess♡♡♡





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