Secretly Greatly (2013) Movie Review

Secretly Greatly 
By TonyD

One thing about South Korean Spy movies is that South Korea Does them so well, all be it for Queen and country, for god and country or for the mother land, this spy action thriller is quite unique in its making especially being based on an internet comic series which was released back in 2010.rsz_2013_-_secretly_greatly_still_3-thumb-630xauto-39133

The films Basic outline starts off with Kim Soo-Hyun playing the role of (Won Ryu-Hwan) a North Korean Major recruited in to a Special Forces division tasked with infiltrating South Korea as a spy. Time Moves on and you find Won Ryu-Hwan now known as a Bang Dong-Gu, little or nothing is really known as to why he has been left alone for so long but he takes up a persona of a goofy rather mentally challenged young man who is kindly taken in by an old mother of a local convenience store in the neighborhood after she finds Dong-Gu passed out in the streets. 


The beginning of the film felt quite slow and directionless but  with the help of a bit of comedy with Dong-gu in village idiot mode did bring a smile to my face but on the other hand I did however find his super serious spy mode funnier which made this film feel more little like a spy spoof.  As the film progress you get introduced to the other character such as (Park Ki-Woong) that plays the Rocker guy Lee Hae-Rang,  who trained together with (Won Ryu-Hwan) in the same North Korean Special Forces unit.  Also Lee Hyun-Woo who plays (Ri Hae-Jin) the school boy, a rather young lad who also trained in same North Korean Special Forces unit.


Now with the super trio together the film starts to become a little more serious, you discover that due to a political decision by the North Korean Government an Order is sent to each of the 3 male leads, an order which will in turn, change their worlds and challenge their sense of patriotism, loyalty and Humanity not only to one another but to the people around them.


The second half of this movie is where all the action is and with a nice dose gritty violence, some rather nice choreographed fight scenes, and together with the doom and gloom rainy effect during the finale, you really are drawn in to the action and subsequently moving moments of this movie.


Thankfully this movie was more than just a show case for the 3 flower boys, the film does try to blend in comedy and action elements in to this film, though many may not agree with the ending, but if you really truly understood their motives, the ending is quite sorrowfully beautiful.


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