The Flu (2013) Movie Review

The Flu (2013)
By TonyD

The Flu starts off with quite common arc, illegal immigrants being transported from Hong Kong in a cargo container to South Korea. We are introduced to the main characters of this epidemic film, (Park Soo Ae) and (Jang Hyuk). Jang Hyuk plays a rescue worker who meets Park Soo after she crashes in to a construction site, Park Soo is a single mother with a young child (Park Min Ha) who befriends Jang Hyuk after he rescues her.

flu 1.jpg
I was happy to see Jang Hyuk in this film role as the plucky Fireman hero together with Park Soo. Jang Hyuk starts off in his typical acting style of being a complete happy go lucky happy chappy and a bit of a Casanova, but Park Soo Ae’s character is not really understood until about 25 minutes in to the film, where you find out she’s actually a doctor, not a lot is told what type of doctor she is but she seems to have a bit of knowledge in Virology when seen dealing with infected patients.

The General build up of this Flu epidemic starts of with ease and escalates quite quickly as people now infected start collapsing in the streets, this was quite a sight as the virus itself plays a critical role in accelerating the crisis as the city is seen grinding to a halt in front of city officials with cars crashing and people seemingly dying behind the wheels of their cars, the situation is clearly not normal and more like a plague on a medieval scale.


Scenes of people being hoarded in to medical camps to try and cut the spread of the infection, really brought out the seriousness of the situation, I really did think the camps felt more like concentration camps giving you a real dark and ominous feeling that this is both a biological plague and a Psychological one, and that fear can spread even faster than the virus, Even the backing music added to the tension.



Unfortunately the second half of the film soon becomes confusing with several plot holes which made me think that this plot was more about the action sequences and not about the details. The Primary focus at this point of the film is defiantly centered on Park Soo Ae and Park Min Ha’s characters with a message of “A mother’s love knows no bounds “

Overall this is an epidemic Thriller norm with a common story arc but with some good acting by the main leads and good visuals. The action sequences are of high standard next to the rather nice backing music which added to the atmosphere.


The Flu is most definitely a good movie but unfortunately lost its way in the second half with loop holes and a fair few character flaws. In the end this movie will please most people but not ever one. If your like me and “LOVE” a good disaster movie, then this is the movie for you !



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