The Tower (2012) Movie Review

The Tower
By TonyD

Now being a disaster genre fan i was really looking forward to watching this, following in the footsteps of an old classics such as Steve McQueen’s “The Towering inferno “back in 1974, I was expecting something special, and i wasn’t disappointed, I will get strait to the point, This was one of the best Disaster Films to come out of Korea in the past few years, even Tidal Wave which was also good effort at the time, “The Tower“ Was number one.


Its Christmas eve and the staff of “Tower Sky” a luxurious Twin Tower Skyscraper are busy preparing for a extravagant Christmas party, Single father and maintenance man “Dae-ho” played by (Kim Sang-Kyung) is a bit of a flirtatious man as he tries to gain the attentions of “Yoon-hee” a restaurant manager played by (Son Ye-Jin), Unfortunately problems arise and Dae-Ho is forced to inspect a problem developing within the Tower Sky’s Sprinkler system. As you can expect this is a recipe to disaster.


The beginning of this film spends very little time with introducing the characters but just enough to setup the incident that starts the mayhem. The action starts almost straightaway with an accident involving a helicopter crashing in the one side of the tower igniting a colossal fire which rips through the building.

2012 - The Tower (still 2)


You’re immediately thrown in to a visual spectacle of death and destruction as people are scrambling for there life’s trying to escape the raging inferno, Contrary to normal disaster cliché,  The Masses of people soon rush towards the elevators to escape the raging inferno, only to be burned alive in the the most cruelest and harshest way possible , As we all know, You don’t use elevators in a fire evacuation, I guess they all missed fire and safety drills that day.

movie_image (1)

While i was watching the mayhem i was happy to see some resemblance to the Classic “The Towering inferno” thrown in there too, The focus in the later parts of this film is centered around a few groups of survivors including Dae-ho, Yoon-hee  and respected fire chief  Young-ki (Kyung-gu Sul) running a deathly gauntlet though the building that’s literally falling down around them.


While the actors all give good performances  and with not one dull moment, the atmosphere of this film is so intense and exhilarating, it is assured the true star of this film is the Brilliant Visual effects,


The latter of the film really changes mood and direction, with a remarkably strong resemblance to the events of 9/11, this movie will bring out a lot of strong emotions in its viewers.


Conclusion, One of the best disaster movies i’ve seen in a long while, if your a fan of the genre then you wont be disappointed in the slightest.

PS : I just hope your not afraid of heights.


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