Snowpiercer (2013) Movie Review

By TonyD

Snowpiercer is loosely based on the French graphic novel “La Transperceneige,” directed by Joon Ho-Bong, and with his earlier directions of the well know Korean monster flick “The Host”, This unique science fiction film Snowpiercer suspiciously felt like a really bad B-movie with a not so thrilling synopsis, so to boot i was going in to this film with no expectations.


The movie begins and low and behold, my expectations were thrown out of the window literally. As the film picks up pace right from the get go, with such a short prologue at the beginning not allot is said, but enough is understood to launch this film off in to an unexpected realm of Visceral Action and an almost dystopian society resembling something from the far reaches of your mind.

Snowpiercer film

Human society is now confined to a single train due to a cataclysmic environmental disaster which send the world in to an ice age, 18 years pass since that fitful day and Passengers on this train are now being treated more like livestock only to be horded and mistreated.


The Films almost dark “lord of the flies” feel to it does add effect to this oddly put together science fiction semi blockbuster, Even with the Help of some really amazing stars such as (Chris Even) ‘Captain America’, and the unmistakable British legends (Sir John Vincent Hurt) and (Tilda Swinton) together with Korea’s own (Song Kang-Ho), it didn’t make the film shine any brighter.

I won’t bash this film to much as there were some oddly funny moments but also some “WHAT!” Moments were you just can’t believe that just happened, from people acting like there ‘The  Terminator’ to getting limbs amputated in the most heinous way and just brushing it off like you just cut yourself shaving, these far out moments that should just be treated as “just accept that just happened!“


The films plot isn’t without its depth, with the revolutionaries moving their way up unlocking each compartment door , you are treated to a different element to this fascinating and possibly original sci-fi  with characters quite finely portrayed  with each showing their own depths and quality in the movie.


Putting this movie in a nut shell, Snowpiercer looks and feels like a good movie but fails to cross the finish line due to the horrendous amount of “What” moments, although the acting is top notch, This Semi Blockbuster will be one of them films that will blend in to obscurity and you will think about it many years to come and say “oh yeah, i remember that one “ and buy the dvd to add to your cult film collection.



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