The Thieves (2012) Movie Review

The Thieves
By TonyD

The Thieves is a South Korean heist film directed by Choi Dong-Hoon, One of the first things i noticed was the amazing cast line up from the stunning dream team of  ‘Jun Ji-hyun’ and ‘Kim Soo-hyun’  to the Seasoned actress Kim Hae-sook who we have seen in many recent K-Dramas in 2014.


The synopsis of this film attracted me the most, who doesn’t love the thrill of a heist movie mixed with intrigue and substance coupled with great looking actors. Obviously being good looking isn’t everything and you have to be able to act, but with this cast line up, that wasn’t even an issue. 


The Various set locations really set this film off internationally as well with scenes in Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau, Even adding to the cast some notable Chinese actors, truly made this film quite the spectacle.


The Film begins of quite Lightheartedly with a group of dynamic but albeit ragtag group of thieves attempting to rob a wealthy art gallery director, instantly this film feels really well written as the group pulls of the heist in a rather fun crime caper way, with a nice mix of character based comedy almost reminiscent to “The Technicians” this film felt really appealing, although if this film was put in to comparison “The Thieves” is clearly in a different league.


The Thieves depth actually surprised me the most with each of the characters having their own sub plots and stories. As the movie picked up pace and moves from the light slapstick to an intense but simple plot-line, the story actually required my attention, which is something i haven’t had to do for a while, On top of that some of the nice action scenes were quite similar design to ‘Mission Impossible’ with ‘Jun Ji-hyun’ pulling off some rather nice wire work.


The elaborate action sequences during the latter of this crime caper really makes your time well spent watching this film, with no fancy CG, no heavy use of fast action cameras, the spectacular vertiginous aerial battle while repelling down the side of an apartment building was something honestly i had never seen before and really added to the fly by wire action sequence which frankly doesn’t let the viewer down, all i can say is,

“Wasn’t anyone afraid of heights in this movie”


The end result of this well put together crime caper really left an impression on me with not only the excellent cast line up but the plot itself, with each character lending their depth and disposition. Even though “The Thieves” was highly criticized as Korea’s own take on Steven Soderbergh’s “Oceans 11” remake, none the less this film is an entertaining movie and ultimately very satisfying watch.


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