1 Night 2 Days

KVariety Show Focus: 1 Night 2 Days

CURRENT CAST: Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Jong Min, Jung Joon Young, Defcon, Kim Joon Ho, Yoon Shi Yoon

South Korea takes pride on interesting and fun variety shows developed over the years. The more fun and engaging, a show would be, the more years it will stay airing on television.

1 Night 2 Days is a KBS Sunday variety program showcasing the beauty of South Korean peninsula. It is an impromptu acting for the celebrity actors on the games and missions prepared by the production team. If you have plans visiting hallyu-land in the future and you want to deviate from the usual google search results for tourist destinations, this show will take you to the most beautiful places of authentic Korean culture. For a travel show it’s a fun watch because of the vibrant members who make each trip memorable. The members play games for their food and sleeping arrangement. What I like most about this variety show is how you see the celebrities’ commitment on the show. They don’t care what task they will have, even if they will suffer or will look dumb, they will go with the production flow.
If you can get to the earlier seasons, it will be even nicer, but you may start your traveling with these rowdy hyungs on Season 3. -jediprincess



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