We Got Married

KVariety Show Focus: We Got Married


 Jo Se Ho + Cao Lu

Eric Nam + Solar

Kim Jin Kyung + Jota

Yook Sungjae + Joy

Kwak Si-yang + Kim So-yeon


The one thing i like about South Korean variety shows is just that, there full of variety. No other show does it like ” We Got Married ” were celebrity Couples from Actors, Actress, Comedians, are coupled together in a “FAKE” marriage were they go through all the motions of becoming a real married couple.


There first meetings is quite like a first date, First they meet each other with all the awkwardness of a blind date, then they go through the process of getting to know each other .. Being celebrity’s them self’s you would think that everybody knows everybody in this business, but in some cases its actually the reverse and they are unaware each other’s celeb statuses.

During the first meetings, red cards known as “Mission Cards” are slowly introduced to the couples during the show informing them of missions they need to complete or special notices like ” Your Moving To a New House Today ” or “Make Food for Her” “Plan A Surprise Party For Her”.


The pivotal point of these mission is the main point of this show as these challenges are designed to try and bring the couples closer together and to get the couples to be  completely Mushy and romantic.

Believe it or not but the one big fact about the show is that it is actually a scripted show, well not completely, I’m sure its a mixture like most reality shows these days but for me it doesn’t take away the values of the show too much as once your into it it, it’s just like watching “Big Brother” you get Hooked !


As the weeks go by the couples go through the trials and tribulations of a dating couple, the missions get a little Wackier and Funnier each time and the highlight for me is the guys trying their hardest to making there dates and proposals as romantic as possible, also meeting family and friends is also a high point of the show as most times each partner is usually  introduced to the mother and father of each couple. ( AWKWARD !!)

Then finally After all the shenanigans are over …  it all leads up to the BIG Day !!


By now almost all the celebs would have earned them self’s little nick names by the general public such as ” Jung Hyung Don (정현돈) + Taeyeon (태연) known as “Jelly & Pudding Couple” or ” Nichkhun (닉쿤) & Victoria (빅토리아) ” known as ” KhunToria Couple ” the list goes on !!

Now the couples go through weeks or months of trials of being a married real life couple,  all in the while keeping there real life schedules going at the same time but like all things must do and that is ” Come to an end ” at this point your actually quite found of your favourite couples now and then that Last Mission Card is delivered and the celebs couple are suddenly hit with a really large Brick as you favorite couple must now “BREAK UP”. this is the point were your either as tough as nails or your weeping like a baby … which one were you !!  ?

maxresdefault (1)



So in conclusion if you haven’t seen this program then i would most defiantly give it a thumbs up, the entertainment value of this show is fantastic and you can really get hooked in to your favourite celebrity couple quite easy. If you can get past the fact that some scenes are scripted then this is a show for you as there are 4 seasons already of celebrity couples to get stuck in too, even ” We Got Married Global ” and China has also introduced a ” We Got Married ” so lots to pass the time away with your favourite stars.

By : TonyD








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