Sector 7 (2011) Movie Review

Sector 7
By TonyD

Here comes one South Korea’s Action-Horror movie released back in 2011. Directed by Kim Ji-Hoon, Sector 7 is a monster flick packed with an ensemble cast with the veteran Ha Ji-Won at the helm, together with a support cast not shy of experience either.


The film begins introducing the villains of sector 7, little blue cute swimming butterfly’s or whatever they seem to be, they actually reminded me a lot of the 1989 American hit ‘The Abyss’. After seeing a few South Korean horror-monster films before such as ‘The Host’, i was hoping for another Asian monster mash-up coupled with Ha Ji-Won screen time and i was golden.


Unfortunately, the cast of actors really didn’t make this film feel justified at all, even with some of the veterans in the cast such as Oh Ji-Ho and Ahn Sung-Ki, their performances really felt dire and flat, with little or no back story to any of the cast, you don’t get a feel for the characters at all


The film really suffered greatly with some poor efforts with the plot and with CGI, or was that really CGI and not a Nintendo playing Mario Brothers, i really couldn’t tell the difference as the monster suddenly blasted on to the screen in all its pixelated glory.


The ironies are not lost either, as sector 7 seems to eat cliché for breakfast using just about every one known to man. Clichés such as the last man standing, sorry woman standing! Taking on the monster single handily and the creature just taking it like a boss!  Oh wait, it is Ha Ji-Won were talking about!


With all that in tow, this films target audience is most defiantly directed at the hardest core of Asian monster flick fans or if you’re just like me, I came to see Ha Ji-Won take on the monsters and save the day, i can’t help but feel let down with this seemly poor effort at a creature feature.


Even though sector 7 was well received in china, it was less than welcomed everywhere else, so in conclusion,  with the very linear performances and less than appealing visual effects,  made this movie turn in to a blockbuster flop, and  it seems that Sector 7 will disappear in to the “Abyss” of how not to make a monster flick.


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