King of Masked Singer

Korean Variety Show Focus: King of Masked Singer

This MBC production is a talent show that features celebrities/singers in a singing competition.

The thrill of the show is the audience’ inability to see the face of the singer because he is wearing a mask and only when the singer is defeated can his identity be revealed. 8 participants will start initially and will battle out in 3 rounds until the final person succeeds and challenge the reigning King of Masked Singer.

I am honestly still moving on from the 9x winning streak of Music Commander. His rendition of Tsams “Waiting Day By Day” is haunting me and it’s frustrating that it’s hard to sing it. He is the longest reigning Music Commander and his domination started on Episode 44.

At first the show didn’t appeal to me, but after 2 episodes, I finally submit to include it on my watch list because I love to learn more about Korean music artistry.

If you want to learn Korean contemporary music, this is an amazing show that will walk you through it.




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