Dancing Queen (2012) Movie Review

Dancing Queen
By Imfaerae

Dancing Queen is an entertaining comedy about a married couple who realize it’s never too late to give up on dreams or ambitions. I’m big fan of Uhm Jung-hwa and Hwang Jung-min so it was fun to see them together in a romantic comedy. Interestingly, their character names in the movie match their real life names. Jing-min finds himself humorously becoming a candidate for mayor and Jung-hwa plays the wife who dreams of being a singer.


The movie starts with a cute sequence of how the couple meets and becomes husband and wife. It sets the tone of the movie rather well. There is plenty of comedy as they both pursue their careers, not exactly in their element. Jing-min is young and inexperienced for politics and Jung-hwa is over the hill for a singer. Dancing Queen does a good job of balancing the funny with occasional seriousness but mostly it’s a dead-on situational comedy as his ambition in the political arena clashes with her aspirations in the entertainment world.


Jing-min’s acting as an awkward altruist civil attorney is adorable. He may not be the most successful lawyer but as a family man and to his friends, he’s full of heart. How he gets in the position of mayoral candidate is an amusing sequence of events. The luck this guy has is all kinds of ridiculousness.


Jung-hwa is really good in her role. Obviously, it’s not a big leap to believe her younger persona as a university student and ‘Sinchon Madonna’ since this is so close to her real celebrity life. However, hijinks ensue as her character tries to turn from a 40-something wife and mother to, well, a realistic version of Jung-hwa herself. It’s fun to watch. One scene from a reality show, complete with cameos, is especially amusing.


The soundtrack is interesting as it sounds like remixed 80’s American music to me. I believe one song is Sheena Easton’s 1983 ‘Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)’ with different lyrics and all of the music has a touch of familiarity to it. The tunes are catchy, if somewhat redundant and the dance choreography is a bit cheesy but it is still entertaining. Girl bands are rare in America so the culture of these groups in Korea and throughout Asia is fascinating.


The movie portrays relatable family relationships and how different aspirations can be challenging. There were several poignant and well-acted scenes, one with Jung-hwa as she realizes what her life has become and another with Jing-min as he reflects on his actions as a husband but essentially this movie is full of spirited fun. Dancing Queen is an enjoyable watch and a true feel good flick.


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