Remember: Son’s War (2016) Drama Review

Remember: Son’s War (2016)
Episodes : 20

GENRE: Courtroom/Legal, Melodrama
CAST: Yoo Seung Ho, Park Min Young, Nam Goong Min, Park Sung Woong
Jediprincess: PR=7/10  RR=8/10
COMMENTS: If you want a no-nonsense but brave court-room drama, this one is for you. -jediprincess

Having an eidetic memory, Seo Jin Woo lived happily and peacefully with his loving father until his father was framed to murdering a daughter of a family friend who was brutally killed by Nam Kyung Man, a rich man’s son with extreme anger management issues. Jin Woo sought help from a cheeky lawyer, Park Dong Ho, with outstanding track record. He was denied initially, but Dong Ho saw himself in Jin Woo when he was young and helpless and not being able to help his deceased father so he agreed to take on the hot case. Things were looking favorable through Dong Ho’s skilled defense but the affluent family utilized their money to pin Jin Woo’s father to the crime he did not commit and was convicted of murder.
Years after, Jin Woo emerged as a young accomplished lawyer determined to open a retrial for his father who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and can’t even make him remember his own son. Jin Woo was also reunited to the only person who stood by his side when his father was first having his trial — Lee In Ah. She eventually became a public prosecutor who is frequently restricted with her investigations by the cunning Prosecutor Chief Hong Moo Suk who was in charge of covering all the evil doings of Nam family alongside Dong Ho who was left no choice but to serve the family out of brotherly bond he shared with thug leader Joo Il. But the attempt to free Jin Woo’s father failed and his father sadly died as his medical condition progressed exponentially because no treatment was received in prison.
Jin Woo and In Ah worked together to uncover all of Nam Kyung Man’s wickedness as Dong Ho learned the truth that his father died because of Nam Kyung Man’s father. The path to expose and corner the vile father and son was not easy as they can change the judge and even prosecutors at their whim or use violence for extra measures. But persevering Jin Woo and his allies worked patiently to prove that no one is above the law and securing the definitive evidence paved the point of no return for the villains.
Unfortunately Jin Woo acquired the same disease his father had, but his deteriorating health did not stop him from fulfilling his vow to validate his father’s innocence and to stop influential families misusing their power. Justice was eventually served on the third and final attempt making Kyung Man sentenced to death as their family’s wealth broke down to pieces. In Ah offered her pure love to be with Jin Woo, but he chose to leave the people who cared about him when he finally lost his memory.

Remember: War of the Son came strong to my attention once it hit the TV waves. It was heading in a thrilling direction where revenge is the premise and where the characters can’t trust one another. The story was backed up with superb character portrayals out shadowing some of the lengthening kicks I did not see in “Punch”. Yeah I believe “Punch” will now be my yardstick for kdramas in this kind of tone. Nevertheless the heartfelt please-save-my-father plot was more than enough to spin the story of a son’s promise to uphold the truth and clear the name of his father who was victimized by an abusive powerful family.
I was actually praying for warranted kdrama miracle out of the hardships Jin Woo took, but they ended it on a sad note. I don’t know if they were implying that revenge at the end of the day does not matter, but I was hoping some magical or experimental treatment to save Jin Woo’s memory. But at the end of it all it dawned on me that the story is really about a son’s unconditional devotion to his father. So throwing a romantic ever-after twist really doesn’t fit in the journey of the lead character.

There were minimal lengthening kicks that made the story go in rounds when it should have just been dealt with right away. The entire drama as a whole was intoxicating but it lacked polished episode closings that would have made me at the verge of my seat anticipating. It came very strong in limiting the protagonist’s goal to secure the upper hand in the battle by tampering their movements, and on that note, it was a little weak presenting lets-outwit-each-other showdowns.

The main villain was also amazingly good and insanely annoying all throughout. His role placed the story in an equilibrium state until Jin Woo’s final sure kill surge. Hands down to the actor who delivered a spoiled rich antagonist who was half-crazy, half-impossible and most of the time disgusting.
The supporting cast was also in full swing dishing out memorable characters that made this court-room drama thrilling.


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