The Technicians (2014) Movie Review

The Technicians
By TonyD

I don’t know about everyone else but i do love a good bank heist Movie from time to time. So introducing “ The Technicians “ , a rather nicely written film with an abundance of stars to its name, and they changed that a few times too,  from the “Criminal designer”  to “The Con Artists”. Either way it wouldn’t distract any one of the numerous fan girls from ’Mr Kim Woo-Bins’ band camp from ever watching this movie.


The Technicians starts of looking like a really cool fun caper and quite reminiscent of George Clooney’s ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ film, But from the beginning it starts of quite slow and laid back and hardly ever picked up speed, so my expectations were a little dashed,  Perhaps it was all that pretense and illusion from the high paced trailers.

2014 - The Con Artists (still 2)

The characters are very likable in this movie which adds to its appeal and especially with (Kim Woo-Bin) who plays the good looking ‘Ji-Hyeok’ an elite safe-cracker and his team ‘Koo-In’ (Ko Chang-Seok) and an extraordinarily elite hacker ‘Jong-Bae’ (Lee Hyun-Woo).  This ragtag crew plan to rob a high end jeweller of some rather expensive diamonds, this jewellery store is owned by President ‘Jo’ (Kim Young-Chul), A rather wicked man, meanwhile president ‘Jo’ has other evil plans and sets about to use ‘Ji-Hyeok’ to steal millions of dollars stored within the Korean customs area in Incheon ‘South Korea’.


The plot of the film really does start to get linear half way though the film with aspects of the plot becoming predictable, together with the rather dim witted police officers and really dull henchmen i really didn’t buy in to the image of these guys are bad at all and the good guys were in trouble, more like my 10 year old could act tougher than you can.


Although while watching this film i did enjoy the back story related to ‘Ji-Hyeok’ but what about everyone else, where did they come from, I guess we will never know as not one thing is mentioned about the supporting cast which was kind of disappointing because i think their background could have been equally enjoyable, Unfortunately this film is really just a show case for the rather handsome and devilishly fit persona of ‘Kim Woo-Bin’,  so inevitably I’m sorry to say, BUT without ‘Kim Woo-Bin’ i don’t think this film would have seen the light of day.


Over all The Technician’s is an entertaining movie but could have been so much better if not for the slow pace and succinct plot line, it does have some nice plot twists but the whole movie revolves around ‘Kim Woo-Bin’ so if you’re a fan girl go watch it you won’t be disappointed, as for everyone else save it for a rainy day.


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