Refresh Man (2016) Drama Review

Refresh Man (2016)
17 Episodes

GENRE: Romance
CAST: Aaron Yan, Lene Lai, Michael Tao, Jack Li, Joanne Tseng.
Tony D: PR=7/10 RR=7/10
COMMENTS: Very nice and fresh Romance Drama, With No other than Aaron Yan  ” i can already hear the Girls going wild !! ”

The Story begins with Yu Tang a rather capable secretary working for a cosmetics company called MUSE, she is a career driven woman who prides herself on her hard work and dedication. With the current CEO’s retirement and announcing a new Executive Secretary position, Yu Tang is hopeful this position will soon be hers.
During a sudden situation Yu Tang’s skills are put to the test with an announcement of the CEOs sudden death and he get right in to action protecting the company’s stock prices from falling due to the news of the CEOs death. Little does she know of the elaborate plan of the CEO to introduce a new young CEO by the name off ‘Ji Wen Kai’ ( Aarron Yan ) immediately Yu tang recognizes the new CEO as her old High School friend who she had lost contact with many years before. Both Wen Kai and Yu Tang start off on quite the wrong foot, but Wen Kai’s actions towards are not without reason as you find out that during their younger days Wen Kai was kind of a troublemaker and did very little study in school and messed about quite often . Yu Tang being the smartest kid in school is told to take care of Wen Kai and thus begins their friendship. Through the years yu Tang always thought she was better and smarter than Wen Kai and did torture him quite a bit.
Yu Tang’s career hopes are dashed as the new CEO brings with him a really capable Secretary who speaks a Foreign Language and is extremely good at her job, this sudden development puts Yu Tang in to shock as she doesn’t receive the promotion she’s wanted for so many years. All the while yu Tang clashes with Wen Kai in funny situations where you find he is torturing Yu Tang exactly the way she used to torture him years before which you see in funny flashback situations.
Wen Kai demotes Yu Tang to the sales Team 3 which in the company is where all the rejects and workers who can’t be fired go, previously Yu Tang heard about this rumor and is told “once you go to sales team 3 you never come back “this news puts Yu Tang is to a slump and she starts to doubt her professional self.
Yu Tang pulls herself together and works hard shaping up the Lacking Sales Team 3 and Through the course of time there relationship slowly become better and Wen Kai slowly starts to treat Yu Tang a little warmer and helps her from behind the scenes when difficult situations arises within the company, During a big contract signing the number one sales team is at odds with sales team 3 and a confrontation breaks out among the MUSE sales teams as Sales Team one’s arrogance makes them make a bet with sales team 3 on who’s figures will reach a certain limit, and if they don’t reach this limit they will forfeit there jobs , Sales team 3 accept the challenge hoping to make a new found impression on the company.
While Wen Kai’s and Yu Tang’s relationship increasingly becomes better a new suitor to Yu Tang’s affections arrives in the form of Wang Zi Zu (Jack Lee) the managing director of a company affiliated with MUSE Cosmetics. And also the feelings of someone close to Wen Kai comes to light, Miao Ai Sha Wen Kai’s Secretary confesses her feelings for Wen Kai.
As time goes by Wen Kais feelings for Yu Tang are realized by Yu Tang and there relationship develops further as Yu Tang falls head over heels for Wen Kai as she realizes what he meant to her all them years ago and all the old feelings she once had come flooding back with memories of the time they once had together growing up in her mother and fathers café.
This is of course news Zi Zu didn’t want to hear as Yu Tang informs him of her relationship with Wen Kai, Zi Zu doesn’t show any feeling to this news but deep down he hates the idea. Slowly problems start to arise in the MUSE Company as individuals start to disappear over to Zi Zu’s company and at this time you realize he is up to no good. Things seem to be going bad for Wen Kai as the board of director are influenced by Zi Zu, confronts Wen Kai about a large sum of money which has apparently gone missing. With several people now on Zi Zu’s side including now Ai Sha, helps Zi Zu with information to destroy Wen Kai and merge the company’s together with Zi Zu as Highest Share Holder.
In a Final showdown Yu Tang not knowing what to do and how to help Wen Kai, leaves the company to protect Wen Kai and she departs, Zi Zu hears this but doesn’t believe what has happened and the plan to get her to his side seems to have failed. now with the board of directors and Zi Zu about to sign a merger deal between Zi Zu’s Company and MUSE cosmetics Yu Tang Suddenly walks in to the board room together with a Russian business man, Wen Kai then reveals this hidden pan and turns the tables on Zi Zu informing him that the missing money was actually a corporation deal with the Russians business man who owns many shares on both Zi Zu’s company and MUSE and together MUSE would instead merge with Zi Zu’s company and control the outcome of business deals and not the other way around as Zi Zu has wanted . Zi Zu now realizes he’s lost takes another blow as Ai Sha informs him that she has acted as a spy and has never left Wen Kai and has always been his faithful secretary.
With everything finished and people back to their original places, Wen Kai and Yu Tang feelings from the past and past promises kept they both continue their love relationship to a happily ever after.


Refresh Man is a calm and enjoyable romantic drama, coupled with the fact Aarron Yan is the leading male there isn’t anything wrong with this drama. The story is easy to follow and the characters are really likable. You won’t be disappointed with this lovable and cute romance


At times i did feel like certain characters were a little flat, like Lene Lai character ‘Ai Sha’, her character didn’t follow the norm of a disjointed one sided lover and her selfless actions towards Yu Tang were surprising considering she was her love rival. Her character might have been a little better if she was not so good and a little bad, but this was a very light hearted Romance drama.


Aarron Yan has the biggest screen presences in all the dramas i’ve ever seen him in, i think any drama with Aarron Yan in will instantly become a hit with the ladies. The one thing i do like at times is a drama i can just watch with out my blood pressure rising because there are so many BAD people in the drama and so few good guys, it was nice to see the calm slow approach to a romance were not every one was seemingly evil and twisted as you find in most 3 way love triangles .


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