2016 Mid-year Best Dramas

This year for me as been a great year for K-Dramas, full of a variety of great themes such as, military theme’s in “Descendants Of The Sun” , and sageuk’s such as Jackpot and Flower in Prison. So for me Choosing my best Picks for 2016 was relatively easy.

Here are your DramaChingus halfway 2016 picks!


Please Come Back, Mister 


A rather nice supernatural, Romantic, second chance’s drama, full of funny moments that will make you smile .

I Have a Lover 


Heart Wrenching and thought provoking drama that will show you the darkest parts of relationships and how different people deal with betrayals and love in their life’s .



An outstanding time travel drama throwing you back in time and present time, solving cases in the present day with the help of people in the past, Amazing drama with a excellent story to boot.

Descendants of the Sun


A very well written and well acted story , set in a war town country  ordinary  doctors and soldiers living together through the hard times and the good times .


Another few not finished yet are equally satisfying –

Mirror Of the Witch, Uncontrollably Fond

Both Well Worth watching ! Happy Watching .


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