2016 Mid-year Best Dramas

So you have finally planned a kdrama marathon vacation and you want to check which dramas you have missed.   Lucky for you this year so far, there were a lot of decent and amazing productions that made kdrama fans lost their soul in frenzy trying to watch the episodes over and over again.

Here are your DramaChingus halfway 2016 picks!

-jediprincess picks

Descendants of the  Sun (KBS)

“Poignant and yet playful love story with touch of action mixed with personal worth reflection and wrapped neatly with superb screenplay”

Signal (TVN)

“deft editing, excitingly projected and a quick fix of cop drama with a supernatural serving”

Jackpot (SBS)

“Joseon bromance in a satisfying period drama that nailed evenly the fundamentals of sageuk productions by not pushing long running episodes”

Remember:  Son’s war (SBS)

“A hero’s gamble with time and his fading memory to avenge his father’s death in defeating a vicious villain” Another Oh Hae Young (TVN) “the drama that broke the myth of boring kdrama kiss scenes”

P.S  Flower in Prison and Five Children are both running still but so far the two dramas are equally amazing like my choices here.



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