20/10 KDrama Challenge The Best 20 KDramas of the last 10 years : A Guy’s perspective

By TonyD

Now when i was asked to write my best 20 k drama’s in the last 10 years my mind started racing with all the K dramas i’ve ever seen, and frankly its a lot ! now selecting 20 may seem easy to some people but theres so many k dramas out there with there own special merit which some times, is hard to ignore .

So with that in mind i went about selecting the best dramas based on how i rate dramas personally, now here’s the kicker! … im a guy … yes a guy who loves K drama’s . so my picks for the best 20 k dramas are from a guys perspective.
I don’t know if you will find this fascinating to see what a guy likes, So here goes….

My Best 20 K-Drama’s in the last 10 years:

Secret Garden (2010)

GENRE: Drama, FantasyRomance


Well what can i say about Secret Garden, Quite possibly the best Korean drama ever produced in my book. With an out standing story-line and excellent characters this will forever remain in my heart as the best Korean drama of all time, and too boot the best OST in a drama. the story begins with Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor and humble stunt woman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, thus their fates are intertwined, with there constant bickering and fighting Joo Won finds him self being attracted the Ra Im which par his character he finds ever more a disturbing factor in his almost perfect life.


The Moon That Embraces The Sun (2012)

GENRE: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance


A love story between King Lee Hwon and a female Shaman Named Wol, this drama really made an impact on me as the story tells of a young girl who gets caught up in the politics in side the palace, because of her noble birth she becomes the crowned princess and falls in love with the crowned prince Lee Hwon (Yeo Jin-Goo), she unknowingly falls prey to peoples greed and desires, Heo Yeon-Woo played by Kim You-Jung is seeming plagued by black magic and is expelled from the palace for fear of infecting the royal family with her unknown illness.Soon after she dies at the hands if her father not wishing to see her suffer any longer. This supernatural period drama really has it all for me, the main leads were really vivid in there characters and the story really well written. The older Heo Yeon-Woo now a shaman later in the drama was exceptional with her character, with her some times emotionless acting and then full of emotion the next, i felt was intently outstanding, and the villains were also quite good and not to over the top as you find in many Korean period dramas. I would recommend this drama to anyone as a must see and first time period drama to watch.


Playful Kiss (2010)

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, School


Playfull kiss tells a story of a Genius guy name Baek Sueng-Jo who is a very arrogant and closed off individual, and Oh Ha-Ni,  a ditzy young woman who gets poor grades but who’s heart is as big as a house. Baek Sueng jo is a very popular guy in school and gains all the female attention to which he arrogantly brushes off,  and Oh ha Ni is just a student that nobody pays attention too, but secretly she likes Baek Sueng Jo. Due to circumstances Ha Ni’s family has to move in with her fathers best friends house, unbeknownst to Ha Ni , the house belongs to Baek Sueng Jo, Ha Ni cant believe her situation and begrudgingly moves in to the house. Baek Sueng Jo being as arrogant as ever, he tells Oh ha Ni not to reveal that there now living together but as time goes by there secret is revealed to the whole school and chaos ensues.  Slowly as Sueng Jo spends time with Ha Ni he starts to become drawn to her and begins to feel some thing for her. This type of story line is just the best for me as the young nobody F class student falls in love with the A class student. i found my self loving these character as each one had there own unique playfulness and even the side characters were exceptionally funny . I would recommend this drama if you in to that light hearted comedy romance element in a drama complete with lovably cute characters and a great story.


Painter Of The Wind (2008)

GENRE: Historical,  Romance, Gender Bender


Usually Korean Historical drama’s generally run for a minimum of 50 odd episodes, and some can stretch in to the 100 mark so it was nice to see this 20 episode drama in action. If you have never seen a period drama before then i would recommend this K-Period drama to break you in gently.  On top of it all this is also a gender bender, and if you un sure as to what a gender bender is, its when a person of one sex plays the role of the opposite sex usually ending in some funny situation.  Moon Geun Young and Moon Chae Won, the leading ladies in this beautifully filmed drama, all played an amazing part in this gender bender period drama.


The King 2 Hearts (2012)

GENRE: Romance


Set in an alternate time line, where South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy still and the royal family still exist,  one thing is still consistent though and that is the Korean peninsula is still split and north and south Korea are still at odds with each other. the story revolves around Lee Jae Ha as a handsome and materialistic crown prince played by Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji-Won ( Kim Hyang Ah), a North Korean special forces agent. This romantic love story really sets your heart on fire and both leading actors take it to the next level and make this drama really memorable.


Good Doctor (2013)

GENRE: Family, Medical, Melodrama, Romance

goog doctor.jpg

Get ready to start cooing in this adorable medical drama with Joo Won and Moon Chae Won. Joo Won plays the role of Si On a man with an autistic disorder, who has mentality of 10-year-old, who overcomes bias and discrimination in his Endeavour be a good doctor. Moon Chae Won is such a wonderful actress and really shines in this drama as she takes care of Si on and slowly falls for him.


My Love From Another Star (2013)

GENRE: comedy, melodrama, Romance


Well get ready for one of the best Korean dramas of 2015, My Love From Another Star is a extravaganza beyond anything you could have hoped for in an out of this world love story that will melt your hearts and set your mind free. coupled with the two hottest Korean celebrity’s in 2015,  you have your self a block buster, and Guess what … it was a block Buster of all proportions in my Book, If you are to watch any K-Drama this year, this is the one to watch as this science fiction galactic romance will stay in your hearts and minds for many years to come.


That Fool (2009)

GENRE: Comedy, Romance


I like nothing more that what i call ” Rags to Riches ” dramas were a top level celerity starts to date a regular commoner and all sorts of shenanigans begin to happen as the divides between both their worlds become more evident as their relations develops. On top of this you have two absolutely great stars of Korean drama, Kim Ah Joong and Hwang Jung Min. This for me was one of my favorite dramas of 2009 full of funny moments with romantic and awkward situations to boot, this drama really shines for me and is why it makes it in to my top 20 .


Goong (2006)

GENRE: Comedy, Romance

goong na dopeka2.jpg

Another Fictional story line as the South Korean Royal Family still exist in the present day. The story follows the rags to riches story line as a young commoner girl becomes the crowned princess as she is to be married to the crown prince,  as many years before they were born there grandfathers betrothed each of there grandchildren in marriage. The Plucky Shin Chae-Kyung (Yoon Eun-Hye) reluctantly accepts the Princes proposal and set about on the path to marry the crowned prince. For me this was an amazing drama coupled with great wardrobe of Korean traditional dress and amazing scenery set in the modern times. Though this drama you do wonder when the cold heartthrob Lee Shin would warm up to out lovable heroine and your not let down as there are some really lovable scenes between the leading couple. So this drama has made it in to my top 20 as a great love story.


Secret (2013)

GENRE: Melodrama, Romance


Now quite possibly the best drama in 2013, set in the back drop of a couple in love driving down a dark and rainy road only to hit and kill a person in an accident, completely oblivious as to what had actually happened Yoo-Jung carry’s on her life none the wiser to that terrible night. And when she finds out the awful truth about that tragic night she takes the blame in the name of love and gets sent to prison, only to be betrayed by the man she loves. This drama really plays on the heart strings as when you think your life is bad you cant help but think and shed a tear at the hardships Yoo-Jung goes through in her own personal hell called life. One of the best revenge , love story’s of 2013 for me.


Myung Wol the Spy (2011)

GENRE: Comedy, Romance, Suspense


Full of fun and frolics this charming story of a hard core beautiful North Korean special forces agent “Myeong-Wol” tasked with the mission to kidnap south Korea’s TOP star “Kang Woo” nothing good can come from this as her attempts to get close the the star seems to crash and burn is hilarious situations. The actual romance side to this story is really great and both Eric Mun and Han Ye Seul both have really great chemistry together.


Fated to Love You (2014)

GENRE: Comedy, Romance


A wonderful heartfelt and charming story of a young girl who gets tangled up in the life of Lee Gun “Jang Hyuk”.  One night while on a cruise ship with her boyfriend Mi-Young “Jang Na-Ra” accidentally enters in to the wrong room a little bit worse for wear and spends the night with the successor of a large company. After some time realising the mistake shes made she quickly leaves the room and heads back to her boyfriend who she finds in a rather precarious situation with a half naked woman. Being betrayed by her man she breaks down only to be helped back up by he man she spent the night with . This dramas story line really made it for me as  Jang Hyuk is one of my favourite Korean male actors and together with the lovable Jang Na-Ra this was a recipe for success and the pair’s chemistry was off the chart. Well worth your time and effort to watch this lovable romance.

fated to love

I Hear Your Voice (2013)

GENRE: Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

i hear your voice 2.jpg

I love a bit of supernatural shenanigans and this drama didn’t let me down, Now the one thing in this story that was unusual was the age gap between leads , on one side you had the young Park Soo-Ha “Lee Jong-Suk” and the older Jang Hye-Sung “Lee Bo Young” rocking a 10 years age gap. so the Concept of a NOONA romance was alive and well and amazingly pulled of very well as both leads had great chemistry together. The Story revolves around Park Soo and Hye Sung, as children they both witness the murder of Park soo’s father, Hye Sung who witnesses the murder testifies against the murder in court and he is sentenced to prison. Years later the murder is released and both Park Soo and Hye Sung are now adults and living different lives. The Villain of this drama was quite intense and really brought about the ill feeling of darkness in this drama and each time he was on screen i was on the edge of my seat wondering what he was going to do next. the really thrilling and great use of the supernatural side of Park soo’s ability made this drama just that little bit greater .

i hear your voice.jpg

Arang The Magistrate (2012)

GENRE: Drama, Fantasy, Historical


Now theres nothing better than a period drama with Ghosts now is there , Arang The Magistrate is quite and epic love story, set in the Joseon Dynasty period. A female ghost (Shin Min-A), who was murdered, appears in front of a government official (Lee Joon-Gi) pleading for him to find who she was and why she died, that government official had a supernatural ability to see ghosts but reluctantly used his ability’s to help the ghosts he saw in his travels and pretends to not see them. This ghost story really was well written and well acted as both Shin min ah and Lee Joon gi played their parts well and made me believe in love in the afterlife.Thus this drama makes it in to my top 20.


Empress Ki (2013)

GENRE: action, Historical, melodrama, political, romance


Welcome to possibly the best Period Korean drama to hit the screens. I’m very much a Ha Ji-Won fan and this drama instantly appealed to me. The Story follows a young girl and her mother living a life of destitution and hardships, then one day they are captured by men who want to take them away to be tributes to the kingdom of yuan Dynasty. Eventually Seung-Nyang and her mother are set free by a young Goryeo prince but during their escape Ki Seung-Nyang mother is killed and Seung Nyang narrowly escapes death. Many years later, Seung Nyang grows up under the disguise of a man and through her life she grows up quite a bit of a tom boy and the leader of a gang of younger children. Later in her travels she meets the once young Goryeo prince now King of Goryeo, even though Seung Nyang is dressed life a man the King seems to be drawn to her. Then Seung Nyang also meets prince of the Yaun dynasty as he is being sent to Goryeo and fate together begins as elements from the Yaun dynasty try to kill prince Ta Hwan (Ji Chang-Wook). This Period drama really makes it in to my top dramas of all time as the story was so enticing and full of intrigue i couldn’t break my self away when marathoning this amazing drama of 2015 .

empress-ki (1)

Prime Minister and I (2013)

GENRE: Comedy, Romance


Well i love a good romance coupled with a Kpop star who i actually like as an actress. Kdramas these days are full of Kpop stars tying there hand at acting and theres no one better or as famous as Im Yoona Ah from Girls Generation . I’ve watched many of her dramas in recent years and find her an amazing actress. Yoona plays a journalist for gossip tabloid hunting down celebrity scandals, and while on the job she comes across the presidential Candidate Kwon Yool played by “Lee Beom-Soo” , Kwaon Yool is a single father trying his best at raising his 3 children and working as a candidate for the presidency. He is a dedicated man but knows nothing about parenting  and only focuses on his job. He crosses paths with  Nam Da Jung and inadvertently gets embroiled in a scandal with Kwon Yool and is forced to marry him to keep his position in the candidate race safe. This drama really made me smile as the theme really does focus on family life and the affairs of the heart and how a single father can find him self again and realise that family is every thing to fight for, including fighting for the woman he loves.


I Summon You Gold (2013)

GENRE: Family, Romance


Well I Summon You gold is an exceptional family drama with a twist, Han Ji Hye plays the role of Jung Mong Hee AND Yoo-Na. yes that’s right Twin sister who where seperated at birth and know nothing of each other.  Han Ji-Hye is quite the talented actress. Mong Hee grew up in a poor yet stable family with one sister and brother, but she grew up always coming second to her younger sister who was sent to school and eventually collage at the cost of Mong hee dropping out because of financial difficulties. But Mong Hee never let that phase her as she strives to be a jewelry designer and went about selling her own jewelry designs on the streets and quietly supporting her family and sending her sister to school. Her Twin sister who is raised by a Rich and prominent family, grew up with a carefree environment, she is married to Park Hyun-Soo (Yeon Jung-hoon), But life between the married couple doesn’t seem at all rosy and more like contempt. during a argument Yoo-Na up and leaves with out word. Hyun-Soo desperate to find Yoo Na stumbles across a woman in the streets due to a slight fender bender and is shocked to see a woman standing before him that looks exactly like his wife Yoo Na, who is none other than Mong Hee. This twin story line isn’t really done often in kdrama so that’s why this drama held an appeal for me, the story was exceptional and the acting by Han Ji Hye playing two different characters with two different personality’s was truly exceptional . Thus earned its place in my top 20 .

I summon yougold

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (2010)

GENRE: Historical, melodrama, Thriller, Fantasy


Korea’s Myths about Nine Tailed Foxes has always fascinated me and ive sought out all the dramas i could find referencing to this subject. Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child is indeed a fascinating story of a nine tailed fox who takes the form a beautiful woman, she meets a human man and falls in love with him, Koo San-Daek  played by Han Eun-Jung wants to become human and the only way to do that is for him to keep her existence secret and not reveal her identity for 10 years but on the day before the 10th year her husband betrays her buy breaking his promise, already having a daughter with the man half human half fox she takes revenge on him. This story is utterly engrossing with many of the characters portrayed really well. For any one else liking this theme this one is defiantly for you you wont be disappointed.

Gumiho fox tails

The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013)

GENRE: Family, Melodrama, Mystery


The Suspicious Housekeeper is Korea’s take on the original Japanese “Kaseifu no Mita”, A family suffering from the loss of their mother in an apparent suicide go about there daily lives, as time passes cracks start to appear in there family life’s as the husband Eun Sang-Chul played by Lee Sung-Jae seems to be seeing another woman. Needing help with the house keeping he hires a House Keeper and one day a house keeper suddenly arrives. From that day onward the family face various issues as family member’s who once hated each other start to find common ground and feel love and family once again all due to this Suspicious Housekeeper. This story was fantastic all due to the amazing acting by Choi Ji-Woo who plays the house keeper Park Bok-Nyeo, I was fortunate to have watched the original Japanese version so i was expecting a lot from the Korean take. I was not disappointed at all, Ji-Woo was an outstanding part in this drama as her character displayed an emotionless portrayal, you really wanted to know more about her character as this drama went on, the writers in this story really captured the ominous feel to this drama to perfection which made me come back for more every episode.


Which Star Are You From (2006)

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Which Star Are You From was really quite a lovely story of love and loss, Seung Hee (Kim Rae Won), after losing his girlfriend in a tragic accident disappears for a few years and comes back to Korea to make a film in the rural areas, he stumbles across Bok Shil (Jung Ryu Won) who looks exactly like his dead girl friend. Dazed and confused he follows Box shil to her home and stays the night. Still trying to find the answers as to why she looks like his dead girlfriend he ends up falling for her. This drama was really great with Kim Rae Won making another great performance and also Jung Ryu Wom who also is an amazing actress.



3 thoughts on “20/10 KDrama Challenge The Best 20 KDramas of the last 10 years : A Guy’s perspective

  1. sideajg

    I like your list and I have watched 10 already and you know what, I have listed the other 10 in my watch list..:) and will see if they really deserve to be on your great list, but I guess they are as I loved the 10 you have mentioned here. Btw, you did not like Kill Me Heal Me at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    • asiandramachingus

      I did like Kill Me Heal Me, it was good in its own merit but failed to grasp my attentions out side of Ji Sung’s awesome acting bubble hehe with out him in that drama it would have been a no show… thus i didn’t really feel it was a good choice for my list.

      And thanks .. the list i made were from my own personal taste’s in dramas from a guys perspective. I hope you enjoy the ones listed and the ones you haven’t seen yet 🙂


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